Tuesday, July 25, 2017

19 On Appreciating Deeper Processes - On Releasing

EXPERIENCE has taught us that when we are willing to release the habits of our own fearfulness, when we are prepared to give over and give up the benefits of our dis-ease, however shady or mystical their origins and however lost in the periphery of our consciousness, then, and only then, will they begin to slip away. 
These habits, together with our resentments and the judgments generated by them, are what keep us chained to our past. 
The pain will be lifted from us.  It will simply and easily slip away.  But first we must ask.

To Be Able To Experience The Benefit Of Release
There Is Only One Requirement
…I Must Believe That It Is Possible.
Oddly Enough, Most Of Us Refuse To Want To Believe This.

Experience Has Taught Us – 175 Missing Pieces –

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Neil Douglas-Tubb
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