Tuesday, July 18, 2017

18 On Appreciating Deeper Processes - A Newfound Place

EXPERIENCE has taught us that our perception of these newfound insights is only relative to our points of view and often, especially early on in our experiment with life, is reactive as well. 
Those judgments gathered from our new points of view or from our development of a new and open experience with a Higher Power are often biased by the outcomes of previous experiences we thought we had with that Higher Power or with one of His surrogates; thus, the reflex reaction. 
All of this analysis is simply our reaction to what we believe might be there.  All is simply to be noted and let go of.
As we become more deeply rooted in the practice of extending our daily rituals to include a participation with our Higher Power, what follows is our ability to remain quiet, open, centered, and then, and only then, to simply ob­serve, hopefully never to judge. This is what prevents us from becoming reactive, self-conscious, and hurt.

“With” Is The Key Word.

Experience Has Taught Us – 175 Missing Pieces –

An Explorer’s Guide to Developing a Handbook on Life

Neil Douglas-Tubb
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