Tuesday, June 6, 2017

13 On Appreciating Deeper Processes - Past Made Present

EXPERIENCE has taught us that most of us are secretly reliving things that are no longer present in our lives.  We are protecting ourselves from demons that are no longer there. 
Psychic shadow boxing - again it appears.
It is true that life is a place filled with the weird, the wonderful, and the colorful, and we do have to consider using caution with some things.  But we can do it from an adult perspective and see things as they are, not as they used to be. 
The demons were real once; that much is true.  It just may not be true now.

Being Open To The Fact That The Past Is Not The Present
Allows Room For The Soul To Come Out Of Hiding And
To Grow And Mature.

Experience Has Taught Us – 175 Missing Pieces –

An Explorer’s Guide to Developing a Handbook on Life

Neil Douglas-Tubb

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