Tuesday, May 16, 2017

010 On Appreciating Deeper Processes - Sadness

EXPERIENCE has taught us that not many of us received something like that - being listened to and understood. 
How many of us have had our feelings of sadness affirmed?  It seems so simple, and yet it happens so seldom. 
Most of us were talked out of our feelings or made to feel bad about feeling sad.  We got ignored or teased or made fun of.  Sometimes we just got told not to cry - “don't worry, everything will be okay.”  Sometimes we got told that if we didn’t stop, “then I’ll really give you something to cry about.” 
All of this denies our feelings, which in turn blocks our healing processes.  This, in turn, denies our innate sense of vulnerability, and thus blocks any hope of future intimacy with others or with ourselves.

Something So Simple And So Small.
How Could It Be So Important In Its Absence?
But It Is!

Experience Has Taught Us – 175 Missing Pieces –

An Explorer’s Guide to Developing a Handbook on Life

Neil Douglas-Tubb

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