Tuesday, May 2, 2017

008 On Appreciating Deeper Processes - Sadness

EXPERIENCE has taught us that, if we hide from our vulnerability or from our sadness, or if we try to avoid deeper, richer, thicker feelings, we often become hard, non-empathic and isolated.  Sadness is a necessary part of our natural recovery system.   It allows us to digest the events of our lives, to process them, and to pass them on, allowing someone else to have the benefit of our experience
Statement of Truth:  Children who are hurt are seldom allowed to express the feelings of hurt. 
Corollary #1:  The sadder we were, the more vulnerable we were.
Corollary #2:  If, in our vulnerability, we were used and hurt again, it follows that we will naturally attempt to avoid the experience of our sadness (consciously or unconsciously) because it connects us to being used and hurt repeatedly by our original pain, past and present.

Something Like Trying To Avoid Bumping Your Sore Elbow On The Fridge Door (Repeatedly) As You Walk By…

The Harder You Try, The More You Are Prone To Disaster.

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