Tuesday, April 11, 2017

005 On Seeing Simple Truths

EXPERIENCE has taught us that this path of looking more closely at ourselves, although certainly not easy, is truly the only route by which we can at last leave behind the cruel invisible prison walls created in our childhood. 
We become free by transforming ourselves from unaware victims of the past into responsible, responsive individuals in the present.  People who are aware of their past have processed and accepted it for what it is, and are thus able to live with it.
The irony is that most people do exactly the opposite, even those who profess most loudly that they are on the path.  Without realizing that the unprocessed past is constantly determining their present actions, most people avoid learning anything meaningful about their history.  They continue to live their lives in repressed childhood roles, ignoring the fact that these situations no longer exist, except in their minds.  They continue to live with old and repressed assumptions and also continue the posture of fearing fears and avoiding dangers that, although once real, have not been so for a long, long time. 
Psychic shadow boxing 
Fighting a fight, I can neither win nor protect myself from.  Why? That was then and this is now, and it is not here now.
People are often driven by unconscious memories, repressed feelings, and unfulfilled needs, and this state of affairs determines nearly everything they do, are willing to attempt, or fail at.

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