Wednesday, May 9, 2018

63 On Seeing Simple Truths - On the Helped and the Helper

EXPERIENCE has taught us that we will hear this voice with certainty.  This sense of certainty comes from a place deep within our souls, a place far beneath the urging of our egos. 
We will know it by our instinct and from our appreciation of life.  It is a place we come to within ourselves because of the real efforts we made to find it.
We will learn to recognize it as it works with us on a daily basis.
As we acknowledge and process this newfound facet of ourselves, we will begin to express it in all aspects of our lives. 
It happens all by itself.  We will come to see that we can’t help but express it once we acknowledge and accept that we are connected to it.

That’s The Way It Works!

Experience Has Taught Us – 175 Missing Pieces –

An Explorer’s Guide to Developing a Handbook on Life

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

63 Understanding Me While Being We ...

Fourteenth Principle[i]

Take Risks

Failure is not an option
This Statement Is Not True.
Failure has to be an option
For life to be rich.
It is in the “leap of faith” that Risk Taking Entails!
It is here in that space of conscious awareness that life gains its flavor. 
Life and its richness are embodied in the attempting to do
what you've never done before.
So, failure has to be an option
But fear is not.

                                                                               Understanding Me While Being Me
Available ... as eBook or Hardcover

[i] From Quotes by Arthur C Clarke ... author ... futurist ... visionary

Friday, May 4, 2018

44 On Seeing Simple Truths

EXPERIENCE has taught us that life is scripted and that we will follow those unconscious scripts as if our lives depended on them.  Those scripts have themes. 
Here is a collection of the most common dysfunctional themes:
1.     We use external frames of reference.  We focus all of our attention on what our circumstances are or on what our partners are doing or not doing, and then we judge ourselves accordingly.
2.    We use our relationships as if they were substances like alcohol or drugs.  We treat people as if we were addicted to them, and believe we can't function independently of them or without the relationship we have with them.
3.    We cannot define our psychological boundaries readily.  We don't know where we end and others begin.  We tend to take on the problems of others as our own.
4.    We try always to make a good impression on others.  This is a way in which we try to control the perceptions of others.  We are people-pleasers.
5.     We do not trust our own ideas, perceptions, feelings or beliefs.  We will defer to the opinions of others and not stand by our own ideas and opinions, and always seek validation. We are never really sure.
6.    We try to make ourselves indispensable to others.  We will knock ourselves out to take care of things for others that these same people could actually do for themselves.
7.     We play the martyr; we learn to suffer, and we do it gallantly.  We will put up with intolerable situations because we think we have to, or because we don’t know when enough is enough.
8.    We are skilled at controlling others. We try to control everything, but usually fail because it really is an impossible task.
9.    We are out of touch with our true feelings. We distort our feelings and express them only when we believe it is justified to do so, when we believe there is a very good reason. As often as not, the very good reason is not the truth or the real reason for the feelings in the first place.
10.  We are gullible. Because we are not in touch with our feelings, we lack discernment. We are bad judges of character, and will only see what we want to see.
11.   We have lost contact with our spiritual selves. We are often cut off from the spiritual side of life, even though we work hard at appearing to be spiritual and may think we are deeply spiritual.  A little denial goes a long way.
12.  We are fearful, rigid, and judgmental. Black and white thinking dominates our lives¾love me or hate me, for or against me. Never any middle ground.